Updates and New Features in QuickBooks Online

Updates and New Features in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has come out with some hew features and updates to the platform.

New Online Bill Pay

You can pay bills online for free through a bank transfer or with a debit card, or you can defer the payment with your credit card and earn rewards (for a 2.9% fee). You can then choose whether the vendor will receive a direct deposit of funds or a physical check in the mail sent on your behalf.

New Team Certifications Tab

QuickBooks Online has a new tab where you can view what certification each team member has attained. You can also track each team members progress in their training.

More Custom Fields

QuickBooks Online Advanced now supports 48 fields up from 36. This give you up to 12 fields each for Customer, Vendor, Sales forms, and PO & other expenses.

Sales Receipts in Batch Transactions

As you are working with a batch transaction, you can new create and edit your sales receipts. Just select from the type dropdown and enter the receipt information.

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