Workers tab renamed to Payroll

In the sidebar menu, you’ll see that the Workers tab is now called Payroll. Note that the functions and sub-menu options of the tab haven’t changed – you’ll get all the same features, but with a new name. We think the change will help small businesses like yours better navigate their payroll processes, including workers’ comp, benefits, HR, and more.

New bill pay experience

This month, you can use this bill pay experience for your own firm as part of QuickBooks Online Accountant. Roll out will start July 6. As a reminder, this new experience enables you to schedule and pay bills online for free via a bank transfer or with a debit card, or defer the payment with your credit card and earn rewards (for a 2.9% fee). You can then choose whether the vendor will receive a digital deposit of funds (in 1–3 business days) or a physical check in the mail sent on your behalf (in 5–7 days).

Manage auto tax in Payroll Core

By default, QuickBooks Online Payroll pays and files your clients’ payroll taxes for them automatically. But, we know that some clients prefer to file their taxes themselves, and that many accounting pros provide personalized tax filing as a service. If you or your client would like to disable the automatic taxes feature, you can now turn it off directly from QuickBooks Online Payroll.

More enhanced custom fields (QuickBooks Online Advanced)

QuickBooks Online Advanced now supports 36 enhanced custom fields (up from 10) – giving you up to 12 fields each for Customer, Sales, and PO & other expenses. Keep on customizing!